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DJ Service in Eureka Springs

DJ Testube has limited availability in the following mobile deejay services for special events, themed parties, corporate meetings, conferences, conventions, and more:

Live Music DJ Services

Spinning, Mixing, Mashing, and Beat-matching

Jeff has the equipment and skills to mix your favorite music live, helping to set the pace and atmosphere of your party or event. From lighter background "mood" music to dance club slammers, DJ Testube will deliver high quality digital tunes that have been carefully curated to fit your party theme. On-site music deejay services are typically charged by the hour.

Exclusive Remixes and Mashups

Specially Produced Song Mixes Just For You

What do you do when your guests are from many different backgrounds and generations? How do you get them to dance? DJ Testube has a knack for sourcing and/or creating modern remixes and medleys of older favorites that are sure to please both your grouchy grandma and your rebelling pre-teen. Jeff also has extensive music production experience crafting exclusive "mashups" - specially mixed song combinations that allow him to play more of the music that everyone wants to hear.

Sound Equipment and Lighting

P.A. Speakers, FX Lights, and Room Theming

If the venue does not have their own house sound and/or lighting systems, DJ Testube can bring powered speakers, and special effects lighting equipment. Jeff uses only professional audio equipment from trusted manufacturers like Mackie, Shure, and DBX to ensure that your event sounds its very best. Jeff can also provide most types of lighting effects, including strobes, lasers, UV blacklights, moonflowers, floodlights and spotlights, gobos, bubbles, disco ball, and fog.

Note: DJ Testube does not offer general equipment rental service for use by other deejays, musicians, or event organizers. These items are only insured and available in conjunction with my own contracted DJ services, for an additional fee.

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