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Ask Jeff - Frequently Asked Questions

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What do you charge to deejay?

This is the big question, isn't it? Generally, I charge an hourly rate for deejaying - usually about $100/hr. Some events will cost more than others, depending on how much prep work is required, and if there are any travel or transportation expenses for me. There are additional fees for if I need to bring my PA system, fx lighting, or other special equipment. This will all be discussed with you ahead of time, and detailed in a signed contract, per your requirements. There will be no surprise charges. If you contact me with your event details, I'll be happy to provide a firm price quote, with no strings attached.

What is your deposit, payment, and cancellation policy?

In order to "lock in" your event date on my booking calendar, I require a 50% deposit. The remainder is due on the day of your event. Should you have to cancel your event, I can refund this deposit if you cancel prior to 30 days before the event date. After that, I can only offer a refund if I manage to book another event for that date.

Do you always dress in costume for events?

I only dress in costume if it is theme-appropriate and you have requested it.

What if my event/party doesn't have a theme?

Although my specialty is pairing themed soundtracks with themed environments, it's not a requirement. Maybe you just want to dance and have fun. As a deejay, I can certainly help to make that happen. No costumes required.

How many songs do you have? Will you have the ones I want you to play?

Many deejays like to brag about their music collections, and to be honest, I am rather proud of the fact that I have several thousand CDs, as well as hundreds of vintage records and cassettes of my favorite tunes from the last 50+ years. And of course my MP3 collection is immense. I also have lots of special remixes and dance versions of popular favorites that are now rare and hard-to-find. But let's be honest...none of that matters if the types of songs that I have aren't the songs you want. That's why I work with you before your event - to ensure that the songs that are most important to you are included. If there is cell service or wifi, I can also download some songs during the event from the same places you purchase your music online, like Amazon or iTunes. So basically, I have access to every song sold on the internet. Note: Beware of unprofessional deejays who want to spin music at your event via streaking services like YouTube or Spotify, unless you like low quality audio and mood-killing audio drop-outs.

What types of music do you usually play?

I get this question fairly often, and it's actually a very important one. Most deejays, including myself, will point to the fact that we can find just about any song on the internet for your event. And that's certainly a fact. However, it's also very important for a DJ to KNOW the music that he/she is about to play. There's nothing worse than unexpectedly dropping a track full of F-Bombs during a high school dance or a family event. I don't like getting the stink-eye from your Grandma. So, I do my best to pre-screen any track that I plan on playing. No deejay knows every song that is requested, but a good DJ will take the time to learn about new types of music whenever possible. It's always good to broaden your musical knowledge.

For example, I knew absolutely nothing about Salsa music when I was hired by Melonlight Dance Studio to deejay their popular "Salsa Nights at Aquarius" series, but I did my homework and now have an intimate knowledge of not only Salsa music, but the many Latin music subgenres such as Bachata, Merengue, Reggaeton, Cumbia, Mambo, etc. Personally, my favorite types of music to spin are 80s Synthpop and New Wave, 70s Funk and Soul, Disco and Retro Club Dance Hits, Old School Reggae and Classic Rock, electronic stuff, and LOTS of remixes and mashups. However, there is also a special place in my heart for early Rockabilly, Delta Blues, Swing, Exotica, and those classic vintage jazz standards. I'm fairly versatile!

Do you provide equipment rentals? Can my band/deejay use your equipment?

If you contract me to deejay your event, I can bring my own PA loudspeakers, lighting, and any other requested equipment for me to use. I do not generally allow other deejays or musical performers to utilize my equipment, and I do not offer equipment rental service.

Do you DJ weddings?

I occasionally deejay weddings in/near Eureka Springs, although they are not my specialty. Themed weddings, however, can be a blast!

Can you help us find a venue?

I have lived in the Eureka Springs area for over fifteen years, and as a deejay, event producer, and promoter, I have many friends in the local event industry, so YES...if you are having trouble finding an available venue, drop me a line and I'll do what I can to help.

Still have questions? Did I forget something?

Feel free to contact me for more info on my DJ services in Eureka Springs!

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